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Studio 3807 Collection

Only at Studio 3807 can you tell your friends and family that you live in an art gallery.

The Studio 3807 Collection, a permanent display of a private assemblage of work by local artists who are nationally and internationally recognized, is on display for you to enjoy and share with others. The artworks are displayed throughout the building to brighten your day, inspire you to discover your own creative spark and promote discussion, thought, and personal exploration. Invite your family, friends and co-workers to view the Studio 3807 Collection.

Studio 3807 Collection

Valerie Watson: Magenta
Valerie Watson
A. Allen Linder: Man in Free Fall
Allen Linder
Man in Free Fall
Laurie Breen: Cotton in the Window
Laurie Breen
Cotton in the Window
Mixed media
Jodi Ferrier: Landscape
Jodi Ferrier
Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal on canvas
Juliana Vallejo
Media on canvas
Katie Dell Kaufman: Garden of Want in the Time of When
Katie Dell Kaufman
Garden of Want in the Time of When
Assemblage (saw blade, hand-hewn spoons, forks and knife, and wood, oil)
Valerie Theberge: Untitled
Valerie Theberge
Polystyrene, glass, mirror, mortar, fiberglass mesh, grout
Tom Hill: Yeah, Yeah
Tom Hill
Yeah, Yeah
Acrylic and glitter on wood panel
Wayson Jones: Roots in the Community
Wayson Jones
Roots in the Community
Acrylic, powdered graphite, acrylic medium, pumice, acrylic marker
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