Art studio at studio 3807 apartments Create

Create and Connect

There are infinite ways for you to experience the Art of Living at Studio 3807.

  • Explorers among us will be able to visit art studios and engage with artists, take music, dance, and art classes, and participate in enlightening and interesting interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • The reflective and philosophical will have a beautiful place where they can be surrounded by art and inspiration.
  • Knowledge seekers will find easy access to the top-ranked colleges and universities including University of Maryland, Howard University, Gallaudet University, and Catholic University.
  • Nature lovers will appreciate nearby Northwest Branch Bike Trail and the Bladensburg Waterfront Park that offer plenty of outdoor activities for residents.
  • Commuters will enjoy the convenience of Bike Share, Zipcar and public transportation in front of the community as well as bike storage and repair stations.

These opportunities create a unique environment to learn and share experiences. The richness and diversity of the community and surrounding neighborhoods foster openness and sharing enriching the lives of everyone who participates. Your individual contribution—whether it be as simple as a friendly greeting to a new neighbor or sharing interests and passions with others, is valued and creates a special place you will be proud to call home.

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