Studio 3807 Exterior apartment complex that includes grilling kitchens and fire pits Discover

Studio 3807 has been developed and built by a public/private partnership that includes Landex Development, Prince George’s County and the Gateway Arts District community.

Landex Development is a family-owned real estate development company founded in 1983 and specializing in the formation of public/private partnerships for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and new construction of multi-family housing communities in urban settings within Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and the District of Columbia. The firm has developed and operated over 7,500 high-quality, well-constructed, and well managed multi-family housing apartments for lease.

Meet Peter Siegel, CEO Landex Development:

Peter has been the driving force behind the development of Studio 3807 for years. In the process, he fell in love with the neighborhood and the neighbors. His passion for the building and the Gateway Arts District has served as a focal point for the design of the development, the inclusion of local art and artists and the collaborative nature of its community spaces.

As Peter has said:

“The Arts play a very critical role in our society; it forces us to push boundaries and take a reflective look at ourselves. As part of the development of Studio 3807, our goal is to promote the arts and the artists of the Gateway Arts District.”

In addition to commissioning the 3807 Collection and building Portico, an adjacent art gallery with studio space for artists, Landex has also sponsored the design of two sculptural bus stops and facilitated professional filming of interviews with local artists and area stakeholders. He wanted to give the artists and stakeholders a platform to explain why they are so committed to the area. These interviews have been shared on social media and are featured on this website.

Peter is committed to creating an enduring relationship with the neighborhood.

“The more time I spend in the area, meeting people, experiencing the art and taking advantage of the amazing retail, restaurants and studios, the more I want to help promote this special place. Our goal is to support the arts community and celebrate what makes the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods special.”

Peter’s infectious passion about the area is mutual as evidenced by the number of neighbors, businesses and artists who refer to him as a friend and are thrilled to have his dream, Studio 3807, as a neighbor.

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